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Welcome to the website of author Steven Pirie

Arterial Bloom

Arterial Bloom is now published by Crystal Lake Publishing.

Crystal Lake Publishing proudly presents Arterial Bloom, an artful juxtaposition of the magnificence and macabre that exist within mankind. Each tale in this collection is resplendent with beauty, teeth, and heart.

Edited by the Bram Stoker Award-winning writer Mercedes M. Yardley, Arterial Bloom is a literary experience featuring 16 stories from some of the most compelling dark authors writing today.

With a foreword by HWA Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient Linda D. Addison, you are invited to step inside and let the grim flowers wind themselves comfortably around your bones.

The line-up includes:

The Stone Door by Jimmy Bernard
Dog (Does Not) Eat Dog by Grant Longstaff
Kudzu Stories by Linda J. Marshall
Dead Letters by Christopher Barzak
The Darker Side of Grief by Naching T. Kassa
Welcome to My Autumn by Daniel Crow
Still Life by Kelli Owen
Three Masks by Armand Rosamilia
Doodlebug by John Boden
Happy Pills by Todd Keisling
What Remained of Her by Jennifer Loring
Blue Was Her Favorite Color by Dino Parenti
In the Loop by Ken Liu
The Making of Mary by Steven Pirie
Mouths Filled with Sea Water by Jonathan Cosgrove
Rotten by Carina Bissett

Arterial Bloom at Amazon.com
Arterial Bloom at Amazon.co.uk

added 16th April, 2020

The Making of Mary

Below are a couple of "blurbs" for the forthcoming Arterial Bloom to be published by Crystal Lake Publishing at the beginning of April.

Please click each on image to enlarge...

added 23rd February, 2020

of Digging up Donald and Burying Brian

Now that the two novels are "out of print", the rights to both works have reverted back to me. I thought it sad that they should both fade away, so I've reissued them myself on Amazon for the Kindle at the rock bottom price of 99p each.

When I've figured out how to make them available as print-on-demand paperbacks, I'll set them up as hard copies, too. It'll be nice to see if I can get the old boys a new lease of life.

added 7th February, 2020

The Making of Mary

My short story The Making of Mary is now announced to appear in the anthology Arterial Bloom to be published by Crystal Lake Publishing in March.

Editor Mercedes Murdock Yardley has this to say about the story:

Friends, what a pleasure it is to announce that Steven Pirie has joined Arterial Bloom! Steven wrote the most beautiful love story that somehow manages to intertwine whimsy and the very grimmest of realities. His story is powerful and painfully lovely. He explores what happens when Gaia herself falls in love in “The Making of Mary.” Each time I read this story, I fall even more deeply under its spell. It’s exquisite.

"That night, as Mary sleeps, Ruth walks upon Mars. It’s dusk on the foothills of Olympus Mons. The steppes are dark, but the huge caldera of the volcano towers above her in glorious sunlight. She’s alone; there’s no life here anymore, not even the last microbes in the rusted soil can survive the naked radiation from the solar winds. Here, with just the odd robotic probe from Earth to keep her company, Ruth likes to come and think."

"The Making of Mary" by Steven Pirie

Steven Pirie lives in Liverpool, UK, with his wife and son. He spends his day shuffling about moaning and groaning, as currently he’s awaiting surgery for a hernia repair. It’s possible the wife and son might lynch him before then. He loves to write humour, and has had some success with two humorous fantasy novels published by Storm Constantine’s Immanion Press. His short stories tend to be a little more dark and gritty, although there’s often levity lurking just below the surface. He has a website at stevenpirie.com . Occasionally, he even updates it.

Steven Pirie joins authors Grant Longstaff, Linda D Addison, Daniel Crow, Todd Keisling, Jonathan Cosgrove, Naching T. Kassa, Christopher Barzak, John Boden, Jennifer Loring, Ken Liu, Jimmy Bernard, Carina Bissett, Linda Marshall, Dino Parenti and Armand Rosamilia in the Arterial Bloom horror anthology published by Crystal Lake Publishing.

added 2nd February, 2020

To Pull a Child from a Woman

My rather oddly titled short story To Pull a Child from a Woman is now printed in the anthology Deadman Humour 13 Fears of a Clown edited by Dave Higgins.

ISBN numbers are below, and further below those are various links at which the anthology may be purchased.

ISBN (Paperback): 978-1-912674-06-0
ISBN (EPUB): 978-1-912674-07-7
ISBN (MOBI): 978-1-912674-08-4



Barnes & Noble:


added 25th September, 2019

Soft Mary's Flood is now Podcasted

My short story Soft Mary's Flood is now available in The Overcast.

It's a great honour to be chosen to represent The Overcast's centenary edition, and JS Arquin has done a magnificent job of narration.

added 6th March, 2019

Soft Mary's Flood to be Podcasted

My short story Soft Mary's Flood is to appear in The Overcast.

More details when I have them...

added 1st December, 2018

Glimmer Train but no Cigar

I entered a short story The Entangled Chimpanzee in the Glimmer Train Open Fiction competition, and blow me down if it didn't receive an Honourable Mention.

Given that the first prize is $3000, it's a well-sought-after publication. So, an HM is no mean feat. Of course, it's still close but no cigar.

added 30th November, 2018

A wealth of nothing...

Well, I don't believe I've ever had so many submissions 'out there' at any one time, but, whether it's the holiday season or something, replies (good or bad) seem thin upon the ground.

There's also been a cancellation of an anthology I had high hopes for. Still, hopefully things will start moving again soon.

added 5th August, 2018

The Woman Who Walked in to the Sea

Avast...! A BOOK OF THE SEA is now available to order

A collection of dark, strange or uncategorizable pieces for which the sea provides the great mystery; stories and poems which explore its pull on the human heart, its alienness, its treachery, its unfathomable vastness; and more than anything, what it makes us creatures - us unwelcome, gill-less land-dwellers - do, be, become.

The book has 320 pages; is a lithographically printed, sewn hardback with coloured endpapers. It is limited to just 400 copies. ISBN 978-0-993527883. It can be ordered now for £35.00, inclusive of postage worldwide.


added 27th May, 2018

The Woman Who Walked in to the Sea

This from Egaeus Press...

Good people. We're extremely pleased to announce the table of contents (and the provisional running order) for the forthcoming Egaeus Press BOOK OF THE SEA. (The book will be split into 4 sections.)

I: Ligan
Other's Tears by David Yates
Waiting by Rosalie Parker
The Figurehead of the Cailleach by Stephen J. Clark
In The Hold, It Waits by Tom Johnstone
The Sorrows of Satan's Book by Karim Ghahwagi

II: Flotsam
The Storm Brood by Colin Fisher
By Severn's Flood by Jane Jakeman
Breakwater Lodge by Michael R. Colangelo
Dancing Boy by Colin Insole
Below Decks by Jonathan Eeds
The Final Flight of Fidelia by Albert Power

III: Jetsam
Withernsea by Martin Jones
Sailing to Trebizond by Sandra Rennie
The Woman from Malta by George Berguño
From Whence We Came by Jonathan Wood
Some Pages from the Journal of James Morris, Founder, Sable Island Humane Establishment, 1801 by Tim Foley

IV: Derelict
Cut Through with Skeins of Shallow Light by Joseph Dawson
[As yet untitled story] by Charles Schneider
The Lighthouse by Richard Sheppard
The Night They Came by D.F. Lewis
The Woman Who Walked in to the Sea by Steven Pirie

Publication is likely to be May, 2018, though more details will be made available in the weeks to come.

Welcome aboard.

added 27th February, 2018

A Damn Good Kicking

Life can give you a good kicking now and then. It's what Life's good at. But we're resilient sorts here in the Pirie household, and we cock our snooks at Life's kickings and come back stronger, leaner, fitter, better. What else is there to do?

After a little over a three year hiatus, I'm back writing again, and jolly well enjoying it, too. So, watch out Life, because, well... just watch out is all I'm saying. I've got my good eye on you.

added 4th February, 2018

Donald and Brian Retire Disgracefully

They had a good innings, my novels Digging up Donald and Burying Brian. Donald was born in 2004 and Brian followed in 2010, but their publisher, Immanion Press, has deemed they must now go out-of-print. It's the place where books go to die.

It happens - we mustn't fret.

But what a ride it was! There was the thrill of holding the books for the first time, and so many people said such nice things about them, so many people were really supportive.

I'd like to thank you all from the heart.

The Rights to both books are now back with me, so I could conceivably still do something with them. I'm thinking about what, if anything, that might be.

In the meantime, I'd also like to thank Storm Constantine and Immanion Press for taking me on. It scared the bejesus out of me when they accepted, but I'm so glad they did.

added 4th February, 2018

The Woman Who Walked in to the Sea

My short story, The Woman Who Walked in to the Sea has been accepted by Egaeus Press for their upcoming anthology of sea stories.

It makes me particularly happy as while I've currently got two stories on shortlists, this is my first acceptance since my return to writing.

The book is to be published in the first half of 2018.

added 4th February, 2018

Mrs Wilson and the Dark Arts
of Mrs Beelzebub from Number Six

Just to "tidy up" some news from back before Life ganged up on me, my short story, Mrs Wilson and the Dark Arts of Mrs Beelzebub from Number Six, has been published in audio by Far Fetched Fables.


The story is still available for download or to be played live at the link above. It's the second reading of issue 27 and begins at approximately 45:20.

It's fun to hear someone else read you work. But what's this with the name? Piree-eh? Is that the US pronunciation of Pirie?

added 4th February, 2018

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